Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some People's Yardapes...

My children embarrass me in public at times, but I can't imagine this:

In Paul Harvey's June 28th noon broadcast--"A Delta airlines flight was between NYC and North Carolina when a passenger child aboard began demanding apple juice, and when the child aged 4 was told the supply of apple juice had been exhausted, the child threw a tantrum and screamed loud enough and long enough, so that the captain diverted to Philadelphia and everybody aboard had to spend the night there."


heather said...

Seriously amazing....I mean didn't they have any duct tape in that plane? Unbelievable. And at 4 years old makes it even worse.

Reminds me of a little red head we saw at swimming lessons today. He is about 6 years old and everyday he cries...but today he was in full gear and cried at the edge of the pool for about 6 minutes straight because he didn't want to jump to the instructor. I think I can speak for all the parents present today when I say I would've loved to push him in. What is this world coming to when parents won't parent????

Kris said...

WHAT?! That's sickening.