Thursday, June 21, 2007

One for the road...

We are headed for Georgia, somewhere northeast of Atlanta, to the Weber Reunion that is held every two years. And this will be my fifth Weber. I went to my first one while Jason and I were dating--don't you know it's serious when you're invited to the family reunion?

We're coming back home for a few days, courtesy of the rain that fell upon us this week whilst Jason sat inside and merely thought about all the field work that needed to be done. Well, he didn't sit--he did some tune-upping on the new set of wheels and some fix upping on the old set that we will be selling after we come home for good.

Then we shall travel to Indiana--to Grandpa B's, to Sparky-dog, to adorable nieces and nephews, to new baby Lincoln, to Amish bulk food stores--and for good measure, a nice little jaunt to Chicago without the kids!!!


And here is some proof that I can bake beautiful and let's not forget--tasty--bread.


Ryan L Freed said...

beautiful bread! I'm not the brave.

Kris (Shirk) F.

Rodrigo said...
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