Friday, February 10, 2012



Excuse me.

I've been having a lot of mornings like this.

Because of this!

Henry was five weeks old yesterday.  Each day this week,* I've thought how nice it would be to take him to the doctor for another weight check.  And then reality smacks me over the head, and I fall asleep in the recliner to the sound of another recorded PBS Kids show.  I can tell by the way he's pudging out of his skin that he is growing.  His neck is slowly disappearing into a double chin, and his legs are transforming from spindly to creas-ed chubbiness.  I poured him into his "Little Brother" onesie yesterday, determined to get one more wear out of it.  He fussed at my tugs to snap it closed.

A profile picture to keep everyone guessing who Henry looks like.

On Monday, Henry was irritable.  He's usually peaceful and easy to soothe.  I chalked it up to Monday-Monday, but when his fussing refused to level off in the evening, I took a good look at every inch of his little body and found a--gulp--hair in his eye.  It had fallen out of his head and gotten stuck.  How irritating for him! 

And with Valentine's Day coming up, my house needed a little decorating cheer.  I've had this heart garland bookmarked for a long time.  I made it last night while Jason was watching some horrible, nightmare-inducing show about noodling.

I used leftover felt scraps and followed the color scheme of a Valentine's napkin I bought on discount after the holiday two years ago.  (What?  Me?  Save crazy things for long periods of time?  Nah.)

See!  Easy! I sewed it together with fun orange thread and had myself a new garland.

Helen said that Valentines are always red.  If that's the worst critique it gets, I can handle it!

*Except for Tuesday, when I broke out of the house to see my friends at MOPS!