Friday, February 10, 2012



Excuse me.

I've been having a lot of mornings like this.

Because of this!

Henry was five weeks old yesterday.  Each day this week,* I've thought how nice it would be to take him to the doctor for another weight check.  And then reality smacks me over the head, and I fall asleep in the recliner to the sound of another recorded PBS Kids show.  I can tell by the way he's pudging out of his skin that he is growing.  His neck is slowly disappearing into a double chin, and his legs are transforming from spindly to creas-ed chubbiness.  I poured him into his "Little Brother" onesie yesterday, determined to get one more wear out of it.  He fussed at my tugs to snap it closed.

A profile picture to keep everyone guessing who Henry looks like.

On Monday, Henry was irritable.  He's usually peaceful and easy to soothe.  I chalked it up to Monday-Monday, but when his fussing refused to level off in the evening, I took a good look at every inch of his little body and found a--gulp--hair in his eye.  It had fallen out of his head and gotten stuck.  How irritating for him! 

And with Valentine's Day coming up, my house needed a little decorating cheer.  I've had this heart garland bookmarked for a long time.  I made it last night while Jason was watching some horrible, nightmare-inducing show about noodling.

I used leftover felt scraps and followed the color scheme of a Valentine's napkin I bought on discount after the holiday two years ago.  (What?  Me?  Save crazy things for long periods of time?  Nah.)

See!  Easy! I sewed it together with fun orange thread and had myself a new garland.

Helen said that Valentines are always red.  If that's the worst critique it gets, I can handle it!

*Except for Tuesday, when I broke out of the house to see my friends at MOPS!


Melissa said...

aw I like that garland! what a good, crafty parent you are. poor Isaiah doesn't have a Mommy quite that creative. (she just aspires to be!) as for that show -- I followed the link and decided immediately that I can never watch it. I simply like eating catfish too much to remind myself how ugly and nasty they look when they're alive. blech.

FLA Girl said...

Owen asks for the same prayer request each morning at school....that "Henry will SLEEP at night because we are all losing SLEEP, and we are so SLEEPY all the time!" LOL I really am sorry for your lack of peaceful slumber!

Grandma Ruby said...

So much sweetness, from Helen's tousled head to Henry's pudginess to the valentine garland! I have to think of the song out of the 60's: "Watching Scotty Grow." (Check it out on YouTube and hear Bobby Goldsboro sing it.) Enjoy these days and catch naps WHENEVER you can, Mama Joyce!