Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jack and the Monster Combine

Life is flying along, and all the kids are growing.  It's great to see them gradually, although reluctantly on their parts, becoming more responsible.  They are reaching new privileges.  But it's bittersweet to see them sprouting up and outgrowing their clothes.  I just sold a bunch of Helen's old outfits on a yard sale, and the memories!  I'm a sentimental sap for sure.

I even had to part with some of Henry's tiny baby things!  The little guy is out of the newborn stage, and at his 2-month well-baby check up today weighed 11 pounds, 11 ounces.  He's still not totally excited about the Bumbo seat.  It's a good thing he's oblivious to the fact that it's purple, or he would really hate it.  It's also a good thing his daddy is color blind. 

Jack hit a first lately--his first purchase!  He was with Jason at Hendrix Tractor Supply, and his eyes caught a...MONSTER COMBINE!!!!!  (Written in my most awe-inspired tone.)  Since Jack couldn't forget about the toy, Jason called the dealership and got a price on it.  They mistakenly gave a price that was out of the range of Jack's piggy bank, but Jack was determined to do some work to earn the difference.  He was even asking me for chores!

Jason double-checked the toy the next time he was in the store for farm business, and saw the mistake which was grossly in Jack's favor.  At the next opportunity, he took Jack and his money into Hendrix, and returned with one little pleased customer.

Jack is still convinced that everyone on the face of the earth is extremely interested in his monster combine.  He will boldly inform anyone who will listen of his fine purchase.  He also has a realistic fear that it might get broken by rough play, and so, without much tact, will warn some people that he doesn't want them to have it because he doesn't want the auger to break.

His baby brother is still a safe admirer, and so he took some time to demonstrate its capabilities to him.


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Janice said...

He was telling me at MOPS (very excitedly!!)about getting a combine from Hendrix, but I didn't catch that he bought it. . . way to go Jack!! Jan

FLA Girl said...

I am so sorry that I was not more demonstratively appreciative of his Monster Combine when he showed it to me, and even let me HOLD it for a minute!! ;o)

Grandma Ruby said...

Will Jack bring it to our family get-together or will he fear a cousin attack on it? I'd love to see him demonstrate his Monster Combine! So glad Henry is an OK listener. Wonder how long that will last!