Monday, August 30, 2010


Thursday is the due date.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that she'll be like most of my library books--overdue. So, in the meantime...

While the Older is Away, the Younger Two Play

They are the best of friends,
they are the worst of friends.

But regardless of how they feel and what they do, they leave a footprint.Don't you love how the corn settled into the door mat?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Whereupon I spend a Saturday afternoon sniffing glue

Saturday was restless. It rained off and on. The kids were nutso from being away from home the day before. Jason was tied up with errands for the morning. I had zero motivation. By the afternoon, I was resembling a crazy woman, but fortunately, I was able to hole myself away in the baby room and work on a few decorating ideas I've had forming.

Jason helped by running on the treadmill in the basement; for some reason, the kids love to play downstairs while he is working out. He also had brought in a ladder for me and hung up a mobile I've been working on for oh, I dunno, two years. I gathered all the other necessary tools
and got to gluing! The good ol' E-6000 did the trick, after the failed attempts of thin gauge wire and needle and thread.
The masking tape held the birdies while the glue dried.

I have to admit, I talked to the birds while I hung them. Didn't I mention approaching crazy? Anyway, what good is a project if you can't take out your frustration on it? Here's another secret: I have favorites.

Thank you, Deb, for posting a link to this birdmobile so long ago!

Here's the good ending to this story: We went out for supper.
And though some of the birds have, uh, a more relaxed posture than I would like, none of them had fallen off the next day.

Coming soon--
the mish-mash of yo-yos.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mutant Turtle

Years ago, I picked up a $5 chair on a Saturday morning yard sale. Jason thought I was crazy for even spending that much money on such an ugly thing, but we needed something to sit on! I recovered it, halfway successfully, and it was OK for the guest room. When we found out about baby #4, we knew we would have to renovate our hot tub room and create more space for this sweet little one! But furniture? Help the needy. I robbed the guest room.

Thanks to a fresh coat of paint, and the help of a MUCH more experienced sewing friend who recovered the cushions, I have a new chair! And we like it!

We're not so happy with Little Miss Turtle. Jason's grandpa had made this cute little thing, but it needed an update. This is her second color. The first coat was a little too appley-green, and I was going for chartreuse. We agree that the ribbon and her skirt are wrong, but I'm stuck. I think I took this picture before her second coat of chartreuse, so she's looking a little more perky now. She's also missing her eyes, which are to be reinstalled upon her finish. Is the zebra fabric wrong too? I think my creativity got out of control.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Diaper Bag, Amy Butler style

2 1/2 weeks until the due date, and my sewing machine and crafty tools are busy. I finished up this diaper bag at least a month ago, using some fun, new, luscious fabric.

Here's the smart little cell phone pocket. Since I made this same bag for Jack and my phone has changed, (approximately 27 calendar months ago--what's that in technology years?) I double-checked the fit of my new phone, and it was a go.
I included a loop for a diaper bag tag this time.
I also modified the inside slightly by creating a small Velcro pocket for my keys--sorry you can't see it very well! I eliminated the bottle pockets on the inside, since the directions were written in such a way as to seriously compromise the use of other interior pockets. I couldn't find another way to sew them in, so I ditched 'em. I made the cute little changing pad and its drawstring carrying case, but alas, no picture.

If you see my husband carrying this girly-girl diaper bag, just smile and pretend you don't notice that it's not a very manly creation. Unless, of course, you see him without the baby, without me, or any of the other kids, and you have a sneaking suspicion that he's packing his laptop in it. Then, by all means, give him a polite cough.