Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Whereupon I spend a Saturday afternoon sniffing glue

Saturday was restless. It rained off and on. The kids were nutso from being away from home the day before. Jason was tied up with errands for the morning. I had zero motivation. By the afternoon, I was resembling a crazy woman, but fortunately, I was able to hole myself away in the baby room and work on a few decorating ideas I've had forming.

Jason helped by running on the treadmill in the basement; for some reason, the kids love to play downstairs while he is working out. He also had brought in a ladder for me and hung up a mobile I've been working on for oh, I dunno, two years. I gathered all the other necessary tools
and got to gluing! The good ol' E-6000 did the trick, after the failed attempts of thin gauge wire and needle and thread.
The masking tape held the birdies while the glue dried.

I have to admit, I talked to the birds while I hung them. Didn't I mention approaching crazy? Anyway, what good is a project if you can't take out your frustration on it? Here's another secret: I have favorites.

Thank you, Deb, for posting a link to this birdmobile so long ago!

Here's the good ending to this story: We went out for supper.
And though some of the birds have, uh, a more relaxed posture than I would like, none of them had fallen off the next day.

Coming soon--
the mish-mash of yo-yos.


Carrie said...

Love it!! So nifty cool. Glad you got to go out for supper. I know the crazy feeling you're talking about. :)

shaunjoy said...

Great projects you've been working on. That turtle is classic!

Anonymous said...

The mobile is amazing! I love it! You are always so creative! I love the chair and the diaper bag too. Way to go Joyce!

Janice said...

. . .you almost make me want to learn to sew, but I would be yrs away from making birds :). Thanks for joining the supper party!

Deb said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I never got around to making one myself so I'm super thrilled that you did. I love it.

Jodi said...

Joyce! Fantastic idea! I love your choices of fabric for the birds. Sticking that "hoop" in there was the grand finale for me. (I don't know the technical term)

heather said...

I've done something in the past like that...only with paper instead of fabric for a baby shower. LOVE IT Joyce. Can't wait to see that baby girl in her beautiful nursery.

Anonymous said...

Joyce, this is so funny! I just completed the same type of mobile for our third's room. :) I ended up using hot glue and then embroidery thread 'toes' to cover up the glue globs.

In case you're wondering, your mom clued me into your blogging world. :)

Lisa said...

It must be the season for these little birds--or maybe it has something to do with the 4th child. I just finished sewing mine up a few days ago too after bookmarking it more than a year ago. Still looking for the perfect sticks to perch them on, though. Your finished product looks great! I really like the happy colors you used.

Grandma Ruby said...

Oh dear. How did my children grow up without cute birdie mobiles in their rooms? I love it, Joyce. Do you have your carpet yet?