Friday, June 1, 2007

Project: Baby Blanket

Today I made a sweet little cozy something for my newest nephew, who hasn't made his appearance yet. It's so soft and cuddly I want one my size. The strips of cotton fabric are actually the back of the blanket. I did stripes because I couldn't decide which single fabric was perfect for the back--they all looked so good together. (This was a case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.) Just send it back if you don't like it, Sarah!


heather said...

Sarah NO! Don't send it back...if you don't like it bring it over to me.
Sarah will love it Joyce! It's beautiful, I love LOVE the colors. But maybe Sarah will surprise us all and have a girl than it totally will not work, and I will need to keep the blanket. In that case I can drive over to Goshen and pick it up. :)

Joy said...

Very creative -- like the idea of using strips of color -- great way to use up scraps too! I must say I'm impressed with how many projects you accomplish with 2 kids in the house!

Also, in reference to past stove our last house I ruined a whole set of burner covers from my inability to turn on the correct knob. :(