Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Letters--we get letters--we get sacks and sacks of letttterrrrs!!

Owen is my little letter man. Even before he was two, he knew O, W, E and N, and was starting to recognize a few others. Then Grandma W. gave him the most obnoxious birthday present ever--a Leapfrog phonics sounds bus, and he proceeded to teach himself the rest of the alphabet. So now when I hear "A says ay, and A says ah, touch the letter, hear the sound, A says ay and ah!" I just want to find a brick wall whereupon I can throw that mightily annoying bus.

Recently, a very kind friend let us borrow an alphabet floor puzzle. Junior got into the set while I was feeding Helen, and lo and behold we lost a piece--one of those tiny round holes that goes in the number 8. I have looked everywhere for the past two weeks. Now I can start looking for a replacement set. I guess it is my own fault.

Owen is now showing an interest in numbers. (Don't tell Grandma W!)


Sherri said...

Way to go, Owen! You are such a smart little boy. Can Caedmon borrow your bus because he does NOT know all his letters and we have spent hours & hours going over them and over them. He's a whiz with shapes & colors though. :) Can't wait to see you in July! Love, Aunt Sherri

Carrie said...

Sherri, we're right with you. Gabe's not so big on his letters. Er...or not really shapes. But he does know how to drum!! (hopeful look! And play air guitar?!) :)

Joyce - I loved your title. It loaded before the rest of your post and I was already chuckling in anticipation. :)