Saturday, June 9, 2007

Counting sheep

So what do you do when you can't fall asleep? Tonight, I blog. Yes. I actually got up out of bed because my mind just wouldn't stop. By all accounts, I should be out cold, because today was the dreaded Corn Day. Jason was out soon after 7, slogging it out in the wet-as-a-kitchen-sponge humidity, picking corn. Because of the 3 inches of rain and very strong wind yesterday, the ground was mud and the corn was all blown to the ground. Bless his heart. I now have slight tingles in my right hand and wrist, due to all the shucking, silking and cutting of corn off the cob that I performed. Bless my heart. The kiddos did very well today. Owen and his cousins got thoroughly soaked, splashing in the tubs of water for cooling corn. They would grab ears out of the tubs, then throw them back in, drenching each other, all the while laughing their heads off. Then we shucked their clothes and put them in swim diapers and let them play in a kiddie pool until lunch. Then naps. (Helen took a fake nap here and just kicked around happily in her Pack n Play for more than an hour.) Bless all their hearts.

I worked at the hospital yesterday, Jay and I had a date last night--Ruby Tuesday's and Wal-Mart run, hubba, hubba--and then we did corn today, and so tonight I still had dishes in my sink from Friday morning. But more important than cleaning up the kitchen was baking a chocolate cake that I have been craving all week! So now I've had my coveted piece, and I'm done. Cake, anyone? Vitamin cake, I should say. It's yummy, yummy, with rum flavoring.

So I think the piece of cake is keeping me up, plus--how embarrassing to admit--while cleaning up my kitchen, I found a half mug of coffee from this morning that I couldn't bear to toss down the drain. I just absolutely adore my coffee from the Roaster's Gallery. I think this current stuff is Panama?? But coffee at 10 pm? Stupid, stupid.


Sometimes when I am just drifting off to sleep, my coherent, conscious thoughts will blend with my silly dream thoughts, producing some wacky stuff which makes perfect sense to my floating mind. For instance: I'm the kind of person who likes to know or have certain things in advance. Corn day, we found out about just before we got to Ruby Tuesday's--not a big deal to me. I'm flexible. But other things, I want to have the security of knowing. It's kind of like my pantry. I feel that I must have it stocked. One flour bag emptied into the canister, one on the shelf, and when you take the one off the shelf, write it on the grocery list. I hate to run out of staple ingredients in the middle of something. So one of these things that I want to know is names for my children. Come on, I know I'm not alone here. I had Owen's name picked out for years! I was seriously stressing because we didn't choose Helen's name until halfway through my pregnancy. Just to clarify, I am NOT expecting another baby, but I do have another boy's name in mind. So the other day, as I was sprawled out in the recliner desperately trying to nap but my mind was rebelling, I set my thoughts on scanning through names. This is where the dream-state took over, and quickly I was quite happy with the names of the future Weber children--(hear the ring?) Owen, Helen, Magpie, Tweety and Bush.


Kris said...

It's so fun to read what you write!

heather said...

O.K. Joyce on the last blog when you invited me for a piece of forgot to mention that it had rum in it. So we are actually talking cake made from scratch? Oh me oh I'm craving chocolate cake. Also about counting sheep I do the same thing, get out of bed because my thoughts run wild. God Bless Ebay. And YES, I too planned all the names I thought we should have for our family....and needed to know them way in advance. I think with each child it gets harder because you want the names to compliment each other...not that it matters because seriously does it matter once they get married and you no longer name them off like a pecking order. Not sure about the names you listed....:) Ha ha..And too bad....for a minute I thought you were make an announcement on your blog. Also glad for you that you got to go on a date! Sounds wonderful.

Carrie said...

Joyce, was that a cake a recipe in the last Taste of Home? Because there was a cake in there with rum flavoring that I was eyeing for long, drooling minutes yesterday, trying to figure out when I would have a reason to make it. Tim doesn't like cake, so I'd have to eat it all myself, which might not be a problem...but I need someone else to appreciate the gooey delectable fruits of my hard labor with me.

I'm sort of jealous of a family corn event. That would be a lot nicer than doing it by yourself. Not that I have a garden right now...but I have plans.

The other night I simply could not resist a refreshing glass of cold ice tea, and had wide-awake eyes until well into the AM.

From traveling back and forth from OH to IN while we were dating, Tim and I had decided on the name "VanWert" :) But alas that will need to wait for a future child. You, know, actually I don't mind if you want to use it...?