Wednesday, July 11, 2007

There and Back Again Again

Thank you God and thank you sick, twisted minds who brought us Red Bull. We drove through the night both ways on our trip to Indiana. The kids did so well--it's hard for them to fuss when they are sleeping! Jason and I were/are zombies from lack of sleep. That stick-to-your-eyeball dry contacts feeling is hard to beat, but the twitchy, unnaturally wide-eyed Red Bull effect comes in close second. Thanks to our drive by nighting and the monstrous gas tank on the Expedition, we made absolute record time coming home, even beating our Best Time Ever, clocked before we had kids. I'm still shaking the limp, heavy feeling out of my legs, and my numb hiney is slowly regaining feeling. But I'd do it all over again to NOT have to listen to unhappy children in the back seat. Our last hour coming home was not pretty, but at least it was only an hour, and at least we made it.


heather said...

Oh Joyce...Finially you post again, I've missed reading you. Yes, I agree driving through the night is the only way to go when you have kids. Just last night I saw one can of that Red Bull in our fridge that we had left over from our 22 hour drive home from FL. That was back in March...I guess I thought we might need it if we pull another "all nighter" family trip that took more than 5 hours. But I finially dumped it knowing's probably not going to happen for a while. So sad! Someone in our family is a home-body...I won't mention any names. Glad you made it home safely and Owen looks like he has a pretty nice seat to sack out in. Very cute picture. Loved spending time with you while you were here.

Kris said...

Kids and's pure torture.

Sabrina said...

Hi Joyce, glad you had a safe trip. We did a straight thru 22 hour trip to Canada for Christmas this year. VERY long, but worth it.

By the way, I love all your comments about coffee. I can't tell you the number of times since RBI that I've thought of you and your love of coffee. Wish I could have a cup with you!