Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mom glamour

The other morning after breakfast, I heard the sliding door open and a loud, excited voice announcing, "Himey! Himey!" (Owenspeak for Kitty) Owen somehow managed to grab the kitty, and then, misunderstanding? my instructions, brought it inside and sat in his booster seat to hold it more adequately and securely. My, what big arms you have, Owen.

And yesterday afternoon, I gave Helen a drink. She's now weaned to formula, and we're experimenting with a sippy cup specially designed for transitioning from bottle to cup (sippy cups are NOT created equal). After her afternoon nap, she usually gets juice in her cup, but I tried good old cow's milk, vitamin D, homogenized, pasteurized. On a side note, one brand here now is selling for a whopping $6/gallon. We need a cow. Helen guzzled her milk happily, albeit a tad messily.

And then I nearly stepped into a suspicious liquid and realized why her level of milk went down so fast. Not only was she drinking the milk, but she was also spilling it, in all manners-- spurting down her front, dripping down her neck, pooling under her head and back. Nasty. She was delighted. A genuine milk bath. What's next, honey and lavender? (It's good for the complexion, Mom!)

So while supper was in the oven, I abandoned kitchen clean up for kiddie clean up.

Along came big brother and stated that, in his opinion, Helen should not be alone in the tub, and he was the exact person needed to bring her companionship, and shame on Mommy for almost allowing Helen to be so abandoned by her big brother. How generous of him. He really just saw her playing with HIS bath toys, and jealousy took over. This was Owen's second bath of the day.

Before bedtime, he needed yet another bath, because we slaved in the flower beds after supper, removing white rocks to replace with pine straw. We got a small section done. And only encountered one ant bed. Blast those stupid things. At least I got away with only about 5 bites this time. These are not the sweet little sugar ants I knew as a girl in Indiana--the ones I loved to watch industriously building their homes. These are fire ants, the kind that bite, make you jump up and down, think bad words, create instant fury. The bites itch for days. Blast them! They so ruin a picnic.


Carrie said...

Man. Are those kids cutie pies or what?! Totally relate to the older child developing great jealousy of the younger child playing with "his" toys (roll of eyes). Sigh. :)

heather said...

Cute Joyce. Love the pictures. Ahhhhh...onto "real" milk, and I would think it would be a good thing because you would be saving money...but at $6/ gallon it would probably be cheaper to stay on formula, not? Dear me! You really do need a cow!