Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Little Jammie Feet

Today is one of those days that is absolutely delightful. We've been having 70-degree weather this week. I hung out wash on the line this morning, and by the time I had finished hanging the total load, some of the first stuff was nearly dry. (Of course, I wasn't on-task the whole time, what with tromping around the yard taking pictures of Owen and all.)

I may be crazy, but I love doing my kids' laundry. I love to see all their little clothes drying on the line, and they look so cute folded and stacked neatly. And then there's that Aha! moment when the stains I pretreat come out. Way to go Shaklee laundry products (with an occasional boost from Shout.)

Owen loves to imitate, and he has seen me pick lots of blooms off this camelia bush. Unfortunately, it got bit by frost, and so most of the flowers have a few ugly dead petals. I'm trying to teach Owen to appreciate flowers, and that it's nice to give them to people. (We've taken them to Grandma several times.)

I'm finding that little boys grow over the winter and need new clothes for summer. He wore some shorts yesterday that were a little, uh, short. Several of his old summer shirts will be meeting their end when I clean out his closet. He has ruined muchas clothes just by being inquisitive. For instance, "What does this wet paint feel like?" My stain-treating skills surrendered on that outfit, and he got himself some paint clothes just like Mommy.

And speaking of ill-fitting clothes on children, I was so excited the other day to pull out a cute new 6-9 month sleeveless eyelet lace top for Helen. I coordinated her denim capris and hot pink shrug, and she was going to look good. And then I tried to put the shirt on her and it got stuck on her head! There are some genetics involved here, if you are familiar with Jason's family. Oh well.

And here is Owen on our front porch, very pleased with himself. He loves to go up there and shake the railing. He is such a great kid.


Carrie said...

70 degree weather.... Glower. That's just not even right. Your babies are cutie pies, Joyce.

Heather said...

Joyce, I can totally relate to your love of hanging out the wash and seeing the baby clothes all folded into nice little stacks. Finally someone that understands me...:) Loved the article.