Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentine's Day cookies! I experimented with royal icing instead of buttercream and had great fun with it. Notes to self: 1) Wait until first color dries before using second color. 2) Wait until Owen is in bed before decorating. 3) If getting son to bed is impossible because it's only 6 pm, start a Wiggles video. 4) If VCR is still refusing to work, break down and get out the step stool, let him scrape flour on the counter with a cookie cutter making screechy, chalkboard noises, give him unlimited access to dough scraps, let him stick his fingers in half the decorated cookies, redirect him from touching the range knobs, say "No Owen you've already had three cookies, four handfuls of dough and two beaters to lick," then throw him in the tub, him wailing like a fire engine and me rolling my eyeballs because we're so disappointed that this idyllic activity WASN'T. Oh well. He sure was cute when he toddled out to the kitchen the next morning, and reached up for the famous square Tupperware box that holds wonderful C-O-O-K-I-E-S. The child does not forget much.

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Heather said...

oooohhhh Joyce, Isn't that the sad truth? When it comes to decorating cookies....sorry the children are just not much help. Been there and tried that each year I get inspired to have a Martha moment with the wee ones. Loved reading about your efforts. Beautiful cookies!!