Friday, February 23, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Necktie Edition

My father in law bought a new shirt and tie the other day--the kind that come in a combo pack. I couldn't believe it because he hates ties so much. Then he said he wanted to clean out his tie wardrobe, and so my sister in law and I confirmed each other on which ones he should ditch (since he did ask for our help.) Not that I'm an expert on stylish ties or anything. Shoot, Jason hasn't worn one since the last wedding we were at, which was this past summer. And I had to strongly encourage him to put it on. I'm sure all of his ties are out of date, since the last one he got was from ushering in my brother's wedding--a good 5 years ago.

Then I decided my husband needed to be relieved of most of his old ties also, so I did him a favor and culled them. It's OK--he still has 3 hanging in the closet to choose from for the next wedding we go to. So someone we know get engaged so he can dress up! By the way, he is such a dear--I hear him talking to Helen while he is changing her diaper--I'm eavesdropping over the baby monitor.

I have found a fabulous stress-relieving activity! Outdated necktie destroying. It's right up there with throwing old jars at rocks, without the guilt. Well, what I mean is without the need to clean up broken glass so bare feet and animals don't get hurt and so we don't trash the universe. After slitting a few tack stitches, you simply find the one thread that's holding the thing together and pull. Flop, flop, flop it falls apart. I could've sat there the whole day... I imagine Jason and my father in law both would have loved ripping apart their old bothersome ties. It would probably feel to them like destroying an ill-fitting pair of pantyhose does to me.

I am planning on doing something with these ties. Pictures are coming. But right now I'm off to go watch Robert Randolph and the Family Band on Austin City Limits. That's another stress-relieving activity.

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