Sunday, February 18, 2007

"The pain doesn't cut her wind off"

Late Sunday night and I am done with the week's transcription work. I am ready to get back to my family. We sorta need clean clothes and we have this little habit of eating. Unfortunately, tomorrow probably won't be a day for propping up my feet and eating bon-bons. Jay wants me to clean the old house before we turn it over to the realtor, or as we say in Indiana, realator. (Hey anyone, want a house?) Who knows how long that could take. I hadn't cleaned the bathrooms for--oh, what's one more week gonna hurt--a really long time before we moved. So now our dirt has been mixing with moving dirt and remodeling dirt. It's quite the party.
I love the South. Dr. Van, for whom I've been typing, has a great accent--very authentic and non-redneck. He has a rural practice, and so I'm assuming the patients he sees are pretty country. He dictated, "the pain doesn't cut her wind off," and I just had to smile. I think the South has a corner on great expressions. That and really, really, really long names for churches. The Deliverance Ministry of Jesus Christ; Second Chance True Church of the Living God, Inc.--or was that Second Chance True Holiness Church of the Living God, Inc.? I cain't think of any more off the top of my head, but I seen 'em.
Night y'all.


Carrie said...

I'll be thinking of you today as I, personally, am swallowing my last bon-bon. You are such a good writer, Joyce...

Heather said...

Laughing out Loud in Indiana JOYCE...."the pain doesn't cut her wind off" Loved reading about the work you do.