Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Grandparent's House Edition

Ta-da!! Finally I have some pictures showing what we did with Jay's grandparent's house this past summer/fall/winter. This has been the most interesting remodel project we have had yet, seeing as how we "scheduled" it for harvest season and a new baby. Actually, Grandpa decided it was time to build their new house, and when he decides, he acts promptly! They moved out in August, and we started renovations soon after, finally moving at the end of January.

All we did with the kitchen was paint, put in new hardware, countertops and a new fridge and over-the-range microwave. My fridge has a wonderful curved front that makes one's reflection look especially fabulous. (Another piece of pie, my dear?)

The living room, we also painted. We took down a cornice board/flourescent tube light over the window and installed a ceiling fan. But the biggest difference is the removal of the Half Wall, upon which stood spindles that stretched to the ceiling. Grandchildren and great grandchildren will remember the Half Wall as the home of the vitamin dispenser. Vitamin M&M.

The dining room got paint. The original light fixture is still here, but I have my eye on an antique crystal chandelier of my dad's that he is getting rid of.

The laundry room and cupboards were painted as well (plus new hardware). Are you starting to see why Jason vows to never pick up a brush again? The poor guy absolutely hates to paint. This room is AWESOME. It was designed as a sewing and laundry room, and it is very smart. I'm calling it my studio, and none of Jason's stuff is allowed in it. He gets the garage, the shop, and a corner of the basement.

Owen's room is pretty cool. We painted the stripes all by ourselves! It was time-consuming, but I'm so glad we did it.

Jason, my hero, installed the yellow pine flooring, starting with No. 2 lumber, which was fairly rough and had to be picked through. It was milled from dead pine that grew a fungus, thus creating artsy blue streaks. He nailed it down, sanded it at least 4 times, put down a white stain, and then 4-5 coats of polyurethane. (So I try to take off my shoes at the door!)

I have more pictures, but I'll post them later. I stuck a leg o' lamb in the oven, and it's about to be done. Baaaaaaa.


Carrie said...

Beauteous! I really like your paint colors. How fun to have a new house...and what a lot of work to get there!!! :)

Cottonista said...

Thanks Carrie! We love the new house, and I think we love it all the more for the work we put into it.

Roobee said...

What a creative and lovely makeover! You and your ruggedly handsome farmer husband have done well, and this mom is impressed! Don't let the kids get splinters in their seats.

Deb said...

I'm so jealous of the studio/laundry room! I dream of such a place :)

Seriously, the house looks great!

Heather said...

Love the colors you choose, what a beautiful home you have. I esp. love the studio....how nice to have it on the main level so you can keep an eye on the kiddooos.