Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Revenge of the Ties

Here it is, half-finished. What a novel happening, that I have a half-finished project around the house. Snort.

So, what do we think? Potholders or framed wall art? The silk in the neckties may not stand up to intense heat--I would only use them to hold moderately warm dishes at the table, not to grab something out of the oven. I firmly dislike all my other potholders for the table. They have this annoying way of clashing with my other stuff. Also, since I received all my potholders as wedding gifts and it's been 6 1/2 years of wedded bliss, they are looking quite shabby. I like to pretend that I set a table neatly, but face it, I can get klutzy when I'm in a hurry. Or--I could sew a few more, get them framed, and hang them by the closet. Our walls are bare and need something cool on them, and (good) art is so cost prohibitive.

I have to decide soon so I can finish this half-done project and earn some respect from the man of the house. I have finished quite a few things, but he tends to remember the unfinished ones...we are so human, aren't we?

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Carrie said...

I like the framing idea. That could be nifty. I also think that you should save some to make part of a block quilt that you put together over a bunch of years, and put other discarded material that makes up memories. I think that would be cool. Dude.