Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Once Upon a Morning

This is what I found in Helen's room the other morning. A happy little smile peeking at me from under the crib bumper. I'm not sure if she found her way there on her own, or if she was aided by her brother.

Owen does love to explore her crib for treasures, namely the pacifiers that she has rejected. (The dear child will not take one, but Momma keeps trying.) Owen will trot around the house chomping on her pacifier, looking mightily pleased with himself. He has not had his own since he was 6 months old, and is enjoying acting the baby with it.

He also loves her mobile, and insists I start it nearly every time we are in her room. He snatched the music box when we moved at the end of January (the mobile was dismantled and left on the floor), and the whole day of the move, kept it in his hands and wound and rewound it. He became attached to it, his little corner of security in the middle of a huge uproar. (Like so attached, he couldn't drop off to sleep if it wasn't in his crib with him.) I still get a twitch when I hear "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." That's how much he played it.

Helen is scooting more and more in her crib. She pivots on that great big belly and leaves a slug-like slobber trail. The other day, she did a 360, circumferenced by drool. She has flipped twice now from her tummy to her back. Last Friday, Jason ran her into the doctor's office for a persistent cough and runny nose. She weighed 15 lbs, 4 oz. A week later on Monday I took her back because she seemed to be getting worse, and she weighed 16 lbs, 1 oz. And I was worried she was getting enough to eat... By the way, it was viral bronchitis, and she is not contagious anymore and is sounding better. Thank goodness. Yesterday morning after she ate, she got a choking cough while trying to burp, and yep you guessed it, she ralphed all over me. And then smiled. Her problem solved.

Mom and Dad are coming this weekend to see the azaleas and the kids. Hope yall have a great trip and can't wait till you get here! Now to clean that downstairs bathroom.....


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures Joyce. What a cute story of sibling love. :) Little Helen is so happy and angel-like. Owen is just as sweet. Hope you have time to post again soon! Heather

ShaunJoy said...

Hi Joyce! So glad you found our blog -- it was a wonderful surprise in my day! Sabrina and I were wondering recently where you were and what you were up to. I'll have to pass your link on to her.

Cute kids! I'm sure you're staying very busy, especially if you're helping take care of other munchkins too. :)

So glad to connect with you again. Hope you have a great time with your family!

Sabrina said...

Hi Joyce, Wow, it has been a very long time!! I often think of my RBI friends and wonder where in the world they all got to. Glad i found you! By the way, you have very, very cute kids!!

Anonymous said...

Your mother clued me in to your blog and let me say, there were more than a few smiles! I can identify on a number of levels.
Thanks for the Bitty Bootie tip. I've loved stitching up the little things and handing them out to friends with little girls. I've not made any for Ian yet since all my efforts to this point look rather girly!

Anonymous said...

Hi!!!!!! I didn't know you had a blog. I'll have to read your previous posts soon and catch up on your life. I wish we lived closer together. Ann Marie