Sunday, April 8, 2007

What makes the world go around

Our lives have been jammed full of stuff this last little while. Mostly great stuff, but it still made us busy. In no particular order:

My parents came down for Helen's dedication.

We hosted family in-laws in our basement.

Uncle Larry B. made a surprise visit.

Owen got a fish named Fishy.

Helen ate peas.

We decorated Easter egg cookies.

We ate them.

Owen's said his first understandable sentence, "I want to go to Grandma's house."

I planted flowers and one tomato plant.

We watched the kids' cousins on Saturday night.

Owen got into an ant pile.

Helen fell out of her car seat.

Owen now has two pairs of camoflauge shorts.

Owen practiced his Easter egg hunt.

I taught 2s and 3s on Easter Sunday.

I'm still not done with the week's typing.

I am baking a giant ham in the oven, and I'm afraid I got it in too late to be ready for tonight.

And the other night I almost cleaned my contacts with toothpaste.


heather said...

Joyce, Looks like you are a busy mama. The cookies look wonderful!! The green grass and beautiful flower trees....ahhhhh I'm so jealous....guess you heard we've had snow all week. UCK! The kids look so cute in their jammies. Give them a kiss for me. -heather

Carrie said...

Love the jammie-kids picture...

ShaunJoy said...

So glad you didn't clean your contacts with toothpaste... :) Gorgeous spring flowers -- they make me jealous! And congrats on selling your house so quickly -- we thought 5 months was good!

Sherri said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy! Wish we could hear Owen talking so big...miss you guys!