Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ashes to ashes

The newest addition to my compost pile out back is poor Fishy. What's up with that, Jason?! YUK! I asked dear husband to please dispose of the floating fish, thinking flush it down the john or throw it into the field where we'll never see it again. No, he did the convenient thing and threw it out with that day's vegetable scraps to compost slowly with everything else. Such is the circle of life.

Speaking of the circle of life, Bristow had 5 kittens this past week. I knew her time was imminent when she kept trying desperately to get into the house and was meowing very loudly and unceasingly. Owen's heart was so soft toward her--he heard her and began meowing himself. Then he found a way to be close to her. She was pushing against the screen door, and Owen plunked down inside next to the door and touched her through the screen, laughing about the whole thing. (We'll have to teach him to be sensitive to a female in labor.)

Bristow, Wonder Kitty, whatever you want to call her...she is something else. She has birthed more offspring--quite the neighborhood hussy, as Jan says. She has also killed more animals and done unspeakable things to their remains. More times than I can recall have I almost stepped on her fresh offerings of headless meat at the doorstep. And more than once have I, horrified, tried to shield wee children I have been babysitting from watching her devour her latest prey. Yek.

On another note, here are some pictures of the kids with their grandpas. We love Grandpa W. and Grandpa B!


Sherri said...

Sweet pictures with the grandpas, Joyce...sorry about the fish. :) Maybe you could send a kitty home with Lyndon & Krista for Caedmon. :)

Heather said...

Cute title for this blog crack me up. I love to read your stories!! Now we need to see a picture of Owen with his cute new baby kittens. Loved the grandpa pictures. Looks like they had some great catching up time.
Hope you are having a great time with the Lyndon & Krista...:) I'm sure Karis is getting lots of great entertainment.