Sunday, April 22, 2007

Scrappy Happy

This clever little jar holds a great amount of fun for me. When I was a girl, I loved to look through my grandma G's sewing memory box. (She has sewn a thing or two in her life.) She would snip a square of fabric from the leftover scraps of a project, and pin a description to it stating what it was, whose it was and when it was sewn. I fingered through bridesmaid dresses, everyday dresses, vests and skirts, and decided which materials and colors I liked best.

I decided I wanted to sew too. My very first project, done under the supervision of mom, was a handy-dandy potholder. Ooh la la! It was made from extra fabric from my favorite supercool jumper that she had made me. (This jumper I wore at least once a week.) Mom still has that ugly old potholder in her potholder drawer--yes, that's what you put in that skinny drawer right next to the stove. My next sewing project was a pair of--here comes the C-word--culottes.

Grandma G. always encouraged me in my sewing. (I still remember how excited she was over my first dress. We had to take it to her for help with the zipper.) Mom gave technical instructions, but she tended to be more pessimistic. My pinnacle achievement was a lined blazer. Mom said she didn't want me to try it because she didn't think I could do it or something or other, and that was all I needed to cut it out and sew it. I only wore it a few times, but oh the triumph!

Mom and Dad gave me a Bernina sewing machine for my college graduation and wedding. And so I decided to keep fabric memories too. I missed a few things, but in this glass jar I have my little swatches, stapled with neatly labeled cardstock. What a great idea, Grandma!


Joy said...

I collected fabric scraps when I was younger from my mom's monstrous scrap boxes -- all my favorite pieces like you did. Unfortunately I didn't label them...and I'm really not sure if they exist anymore or not... Thanks for sharing the memory!

Carrie said...

Mmmmmm...culottes. :)

heather said...

Joyce, what a neat memory! I'll have to print this one and give it to Grandma, she will be tickled. Now as long as you are in your sewing about a baby the size 12 mo. ?? :) Or a long the size ?...mmmmm...never mind. :)

Sabrina said...

what a great idea!
culottes: been there, done that, bad idea.

Deb said...

fabric memory box=great idea
culottes=definitely not!