Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cousin Karis

My brother and his wife just visited us a few weekends ago. Their daughter Karis is a trip! She had just started crawling, clapping and waving all in the same week.

I chose to ignore all the household work and enjoy our company. So sorry, guys, about the dust. (Matter of fact, it's still here!) We did lots of fun stuff together. We had fresh-caught fish from my father-in-law's pond, and I actually snagged one of them! To go with our fish, we made hush puppies and cole slaw that were soooo good.

On Saturday, we went to Lambert's Cafe, the home of throlled rolls. Now THAT is a dining experience! The kids loved it. And so did Owen and Karis. ha ha. The best part is the fried okra that they pass around--you get it even before you order.

And then we went to Gulf Shores, a gorgeous Alabama beach. And Now You Know that Alabama has beautiful beaches! Shame on us, it was the first time for Owen to go. He adored it. (No, don't throw sand, Owen!)

Karis was enamored by the sand castles her dad built. As you can see, she earned herself a change of clothes in the car trunk/kiddy changing room.

Helen soaked up what little sun she could, which was none because Mommy coated her with sunblock and stuck her in her seat for a nap (which didn't happen)!

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Sherri said...

Looks like you had a blast! I love the sandals on Helen's feet...such a little diva. As for the dust...good for you for choosing to enjoy your family and not stress yourself out.
Love ya.