Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Why is there fish food all over my floor?

I'll tell you why. Owen. Owen Darrell. That little guy is so into his new fish, and wants to feed her all the time. We named her Dorothy, which is Elmo's pet fish's name. Owen has a deep affinity for Elmo. Owen loves his 28-cent fish from Wal-Mart. NOTE: I'm so glad I bought two 28-cent fish at Wal-Mart. Guess why? 2 minus 1 equals 1. 1 minus 1 would equal a very sad little boy.

We finally let Owen eat his chocolate bunny from Easter. Thanks, Grandma B! After he was done, we read this book.

Jason brought home his bass from church the other week to work on it, and Owen now has a sense of entitlement. Owen and music--that's another post.

Helen discovered raspberries a while ago, and now blows them gratuitously.

But what a sweetheart!!


kristinbucher said...

Hi, Joyce! I haven't ever checked out your blog before. Very cool! I love all the pictures!

heather said...

Leave it to your mom to find such a sweet book with Owen's namesake. She loves to give a unique gift. all the pictures. Your children are so sweet. I wish I could kiss and hug them. I wish our kids could play together. Good luck with the fish Owen!

joy said...

Love the pic of Elmo checking out Dorothy. :)

Cottonista said...

I'm a little fearful for Dorothy's life right now. Don't know what's up--the fish food, the water, or the fake plant??