Thursday, May 17, 2007

All before the second cup

This morning, before I could get to that next cup of coffee, I had a wealth of odd things happen in my little household. Thank goodness I already had one cup in my system--thanks to Atmore's Roaster's Gallery for the wonderful Ethiopian Sidamo.

Just for fun, I let Owen have a popsicle after his breakfast. Not a huge deal to me--it was homemade--yogurt and orange punch--and ice cube size. But it was a huge deal to him, especially when he got to the end.

I sewed a red zig-zag border on a LARGE piece of light blue doubleknit yardage. For a tablecloth. My mother in law found the fabric in her basement, and gave it to me. I almost apologized to my sewing machine for making it sew doubleknit--I've always hated it. But it is...uh, serviceable, or as my old roomie used to say, "ugly-but-functional," and I do need something for my serviceable folding tables downstairs. However, by the end of my project, I thought it was kind of cute. I kept sewing until the red was done, even though I smelled a diaper in need of a change and heard Helen starting to wake up.

I changed a poopy diaper.

I found a cat in Helen's crib. Dear Thomas, the affectionate but unkempt and thus relegated to outdoors Siamese mix. The kids just love him, and he takes advantage of anyone leaving the door open a little long. He and Bristow had popped in quickly this morning as Owen was going out to play. I'm sure I'll be finding cat hair in her crib now too.

I cleaned up Johnson's Baby Wash that was spilled on my hall floor thanks to Junior who has the uncanny ability and insatiable curiousity to open lids and caps. Once he got a baby proof top off a bottle of baby Motrin, and dumped the contents, although I'm not sure the cap was put on correctly in the first place. Yikes to that one--expensive and dangerous!

And I fixed a running toilet. Which was a direct result of the poopy diaper and an unsupervised child in the bathroom who must have gone from fiddling with the toilet to playing with the tub and all its enticing offerings, baby wash included. And by the way, what is the deal with waving bye-bye to a poopy going down the john?

Thank you, God, for my coffee maker and my bean grinder.

I did finish my tablecloth while Owen was napping. You can see Helen was much happier playing with Thomas than she was modeling it. And on another happy note, I finally finished my kitchen curtains! It's too small to see in the picture, but the tie backs are sparkly sequin braid. Glam meets modern meets retro. Unfortunately, I didn't buy enough, so I'll have to trot back to Wally World.


heather said...

Love the curtains Joyce....and the little dress Helen has on is adorable. Sweet stories Joyce....all in a day of being a great mom. And by the way can you email me the recipe of the orange popsicles? They sound wonderful. Have a great weekend. -heather

ShaunJoy said...

What a sweet pic of Helen and the cat...even if it is getting hair everywhere. :)

Cottonista said...

Before Owen was born, we had some older people (and some not-so-old people) tell us very seriously not to let the cat in the house anymore, because cats will jump into the crib and suck the life out of the baby. Is this just a Southern old wive's tale, or have yall heard it too? And poor Helen's "dress" is actually a pair of overalls that are still clumsy on her, but I love them anyway!

Carrie said...

I love the picture of Helen and the cat, too, and her outfit is adorable. I wish WE could have a cat. Pout. Nice curtains. You gettin' jiggy wid it. :)

Sherri said...

Ahhh yes, I've been there the middle of a project and things just seem way too quiet. But you're really making progress and in your mind you have to decide if the uninterrupted time working on your project is worth the big mess you will need to clean up in the other room. :) Sometimes the uninterrupted time wins. :) Love the sweet pictures of Helen! Can't wait to see both of them in July!

Deb said...

Love the mod kitchen curtains!