Monday, May 14, 2007

Aquarium Gravel: Reloaded

Our house must contain a bad aura for anything that breathes with gills. Dorothy won an all-expenses-paid trip not down the yellow brick road, but down the vortex of terror. Did you know that dead fish don't float immediately? It takes about half a day. (Or maybe she was just mostly dead.)

I used the aquarium gravel to decorate my new little corner of happiness. I created a little fairy garden on my back porch with some tiny little pots I had been saving for just such a moment as this. Check out the bird bath! It all started with my captivation with the miniature gardens decorating the tables at my brother's wedding. (I wasn't the only one staring at them with my eyes and mouth wide open, grinning like a fool over their cuteness.) I succombed to their allure, and was so excited to take one home with me. Jason, however, was not delighted. Boys just don't understand. He didn't see a magical little sanctuary that we had to have; instead, he saw the logistics of traveling back down South with a long box full of dirt in the back seat of his precious clean car. (HINT: If you really want to get under Jason's skin, just drop a gum wrapper, a hair, or a grain of invisible sand on the floorboards of his car while he is watching.) Fortunately, love and genuine service won out and I got my fairy garden. Unfortunately, the moss and all the flowers died soon after I got it home, and then the whole thing got stored in various outside storage places, and it still is the target of my husband's ridicule. We both laugh now. But now I have my very own fairy garden, destined to survive because the plants in it don't need water very often.

Mother's Day is a very special day for me. Jason and the kids surprised my socks off with a substantial amount of money for new clothes. I had been telling Jason that I had nothing to wear, and after trying to help me pick out an outfit for church last Sunday, he believed me.

I tried to get a cute picture of the kids before church, but both were rather cranky and had no patience for the camera. Oh well, gotta love 'em anyway!


Carrie said...

Happy Mudders Day, Choicie!

heather said...

Yes, you I really admired & stared and those centerpieces at Krista's wedding. Wondering how I could duplicate them. But with a one week old baby at the time it never got done. Anyways...they were a work of art. How lucky of you to get one. I like your reinvention of the centerpiece. And I can totally relate to an over touchy man and his clean car...however he has relaxed over the years:) Happy Mothers Day!