Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Week Before Quinn

In reminiscing, we realize the week before Quinn came was a blessed time. We had decided to let her come on her own and not induce labor, as we had with our other babies. We trusted God to work out the timing. I have to admit I was extremely frustrated as my due date came and went, and each day after held its own struggle of acceptance.

I used the time to finish getting a few things ready for Quinn. I whipped up a blanket for her to match her diaper bag. I painted her monogram on her wall art.One day while sitting in front of my sewing machine, I was irritated with whole world, as only a 9-month-pregnant woman can understand. It seemed as if right then God whispered to me that this day was a gift for me to enjoy. I suddenly realized that Helen and Jack were playing happily together in the baby room, it was a beautiful day outside, I had a schedule cleared of any outside responsibilities and there was peace in my home. I had all this time to be creative, to live in the moment, and here I sat, grumpy and irritable. It changed my thinking, and I quickly made a little mattress and quilt to fit my old doll crib that we had put in Quinn's room, enjoying every moment.

The last Sunday before she was born, we went to church. Before we left, the whole family naturally gravitated toward Quinn's room. Owen took a belly shot of me.
Jason took another one.We goofed off until it was time to leave.
Jack loves the "two babies" that were mine when I was little. My Mom reminded me that they came from my cousin Andy. So thanks, Andy, and forgive me if I never sent you a thank-you note back when I was 2 or 3 or 1.
We tried Jack's new shoes on him, my Economy Shop find of the month. American made, leather upper, I forget what brand, hardly worn, for a little bit of nothing. There's obviously still room for growth.
Owen loves to show off the fan and light switches. It's his little piece of control.

And Helen, mostly sunshine that day.

There is no doubt that Quinn's room is our favorite room in the whole house. Jason worked so hard at finishing the walls and ceiling in time. Our family gathers there for prayer at night. It feels like a sanctuary.


Anonymous said...

You guys made that room so special!! I love how it is warm, bright, and full of sunshine :). Jan

Carrie said...

I LOVE that baby blanket!! And the ceiling in Quinn's room is so beautiful. I liked all the pictures - you looked great.

Anonymous said...

Love that room! You did such a good job with it! Miss Quinn! Krista

Les said...

Great pictures, Joyce! And what special memories! And btw, I LOVE the lighting in that room! :)

sherri said...

Joyce, Quinn's room is beautiful. I'm so glad you have it as a place to go to get away and take time to heal. What wonderful memories you recorded of that special Sunday.

Love you.

Grandma Ruby said...

So many sweet memories to cherish--you captured them well. A lot of hope in your special Sunday. You look very nice, Joyce. Love you & Thanks for sharing.

heather said...

Oh Joyce, I love that room too. It is beautiful. I agree with Sherri, what a perfect place to gather for healing & prayer. love you!

Melissa said...

I agree with those who say it is the perfect refuge and place of healing for you and your family.