Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plastic Thank-Yous

"Thank you for your kind expression of sympathy" sounds sterile and pathetic. How do you thank people for loving you so well through their actions--buying paper supplies for meals and cheese balls for the kids, cleaning the house, washing embarrassingly dirty windows, mowing the overgrown yard, laundering the contents of smelly hampers, bringing platters of chicken wings, buckets of fresh fruit and foil pans of lasagna, flying from out of country, feeding the fish, running after toilet paper and cereal, taking and arranging pictures of our little girl, cleaning up after crazy family meals, going to the funeral home with us and listening to us spell the names of our deceased grandparents, sewing a burial dress, softening the visual impact of a tiny baby casket, sending a huge arrangement of the most tiny, delicate pink roses to the graveside, singing "Safe in the Arms of Jesus" just the way I heard it in my head all that long, terrible first day, and making a funeral so....beautiful?

People love much and well. Thank you for all you have done.


Carrie said...

Joyce, that is beautiful. I'm so glad you have been surrounded with such wonderful friends and family. Wish I could be around to help, too. :( Praying for you from afar.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of "the body" being Christ's hands and thankful for those near and far who are this for you! Blessings to them and you!

With our love & prayers,
Randy & Eunice

Melissa said...

I am thankful that so many people stepped in to support you at such a difficult time. God's care and provision through His people is remarkable.

Sabrina said...

Joyce, you are on my heart so much. I often feel lead to pray for at night. I am thankful the for support surrounding you.

Les said...

I Love you! As do so many others.