Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tales from the Fritz Files

Little Fritz-man has finally discovered how to use a chair to his advantage. Chair events have included one in his room to select his preferred shoes of the day, and one by my key cupboard to obtain my truck keys for his own pocket. This means my two-year-old clomps around the house with huge blue crocs on the wrong feet and real keys in his waistband.

This was one day before lunch. He was hungry, and took matters into his own hands. I only know that there had been less than half a bag of chocolate chips left. He had the number down to two when I found him.
It's fun to observe his imagination. One Friday, Owen came home from school with the most obnoxious prize ever--a noisemaker. Jack seized the toy upon its owner's abandonment, and it became Mr. Eddie's airplane, complete with loud sound effects.
Mr. Fritz gets quite silly at bedtime, when sleepiness starts to set in. This particular evening, he found the stickers and the Mr. Potato Head glasses. I confess I put the sticker on his schnoz, but he loved it, and left it until the next morning.

He cried when I removed it. The extraction didn't hurt him; he was just sad to say goodbye.Here he is, back in his culinary perch. Jack is extremely comfortable up on the counter when I am baking. This was a batch of mocha whoopie pies, inspired by my sister-in-law's amazing creation of yester-month. Licking beaters is an amazing event. I usually attempt a sneak-slip into the sink before the kids know what is going on, but this time I folded to his cuteness. It took him a while to glean every morsel, and even then I had to...err...coax him to relax his grip. Jack's other hobbies include unsolicited ketchup and mustard retrieval, starting the VCR and kitty dunking in the bathtub.


Anonymous said...

I love the little chocolate lover you have discovered in your house! :-) Would you mind sharing the mocha whoopie pie recipe....Randy thinks they sound wonderful, too!!!

~eunice b
tigergal01 @gmail .com

Cottonista said...


Janice and I have different recipes for whoopie pies, and I'm assuming you have one too, but we both substituted really strong brewed coffee for the hot water in the cookie recipe. For the filling, dissolve several tablespoons of instant coffee in whatever liquid your recipe requires. You can keep adding more powder to the icing if the flavor isn't strong enough, but you may have to dissolve it in a bit more liquid first. Have fun! They're worth it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joyce! I'll need to try these for sure! :-)


sherri said...

Sounds delish! What a cutie chocolate monkey you have!

heather said...

Those chocolate whoops do sound amazing!!

AND NO WAY!!! Our Jack's nick name is Fritz. My uncle gave him the name...and it's stuck for 6 years. I had to smile to think of you using the same nick name.

Jack is such a sweet sweet adorable. I can't wait to see him with his baby sister.

Hey...I want to hear how Owen is doing with school. :)

Melissa said...

Sounds as if your life is never dull.

Cottonista said...

Melissa, we have PLENTY of extremely dull spots in our days. And most excitement we have isn't my traditional idea of excitement. ( :

Heather--that is funny! I just started calling him Fritz, because he is so full of it. We'll see if the name lasts. Maybe we should put the two Fritzes together. That might solve some of my problems.