Monday, March 2, 2009

Early Risin'

I think Owen must have a built-in Mommy sensor. Somehow he is able to tell when I get up in the morning. It doesn't matter if I use an alarm or not, if I tiptoe or softly shuffle, if I leave all lights off, if I forego coffee because of the noise from the bean grinder and if I don't use the toaster oven because of its loud DING!! I think he reads my mind.

Don't get me wrong--I love my kids and I like being around them, mostly. But usually the first thing I want to do in the morning is to eat a quiet bowl of cereal and have a great cup of coffee. Ideally I would read my Bible, plan my day and maybe even get dressed and start on my work while my kids would sleep peacefully on.

This morning I thought it was going to happen--The Morning I Get a Lot of Work Done Before the Kids Awake. I fed Jack, then put him down to play. I poured my plain shredded wheat with a few grape-nuts on top--yep, I'm a mixer. My Bible fell open to 2 John, the command to love others. Three bites in, I heard a pitter-patter of little feet and a perky "Hi, Mom!" And can I say it? I can say it. My annoyance meter sky-rocketed.

I fed him breakfast in the basement while I did computer work. He didn't eat well. He said his tummy hurt. He whined for milk in a straw cup. He interrupted me multiple times. He fiddled with the computer speaker. He needed to go #2. He washed his hands and played with the water so violently it soaked his face and shirt and the floor. Then he was placed firmly on a couch with a stack of books and a time limit, which was semi-successful.

So...what's a good way to handle mornings for a momma who ain't a mornin' person at all?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, no helpful advice. When you figure it out, let me know :D. Jan

Grandma Ruby said...

Take your Bible to the bathroom with you until the kids are older. It's hard with little ones. Or find a time in the afternoon. Don't beat yourself up. Love you, Mom

Les said...

I'm with Jan ~ when you figure it out let us all know. I guess we could start a Not Morning Moms support group. We just wouldn't call or whatever until later. :)

sherri said...

This to shall pass.

I get frustrated with my lack of time to myself as well. It's especially tricky trying to find the extra time for prayer and studying the Word. This stage of motherhood seems like it crawls at the pace of a snail somedays. We'll look back someday and say it just flew right by...right?

God knows your heart and He can still use the small pieces of time you have to spend with Him to get you through the days. I rely on my Christian radio to keep me focused on Him somedays. It really helps.

You're a great mom!

Anonymous said...

There is no good way, I haven't figured it out after all these years. I promise there will come a day when they will sleep in and you have to drag them out of bed for school, it will be here before you realize it. Regina

heather said...

I am not a morning person either Joyce! I would rather not talk at all in the morning. I have no answers for you. But hurrah!! 3 of mine will be off to school in the mornings this fall. I'm not bragging at all. Because really Suzy sleeps only until a ripe time of 7:10, mostly because of all the noice here in the morning. And she won't be in school for 2 1/2 more years. I feel for you sister. But the day will come...the day will come.

Anonymous said...

I too feel your pain and would love to join the support group. :)

I've wondered before how I can be trying to quickly connect with God before the kids get up and so annoyed with them when they "interupt" my bible, mad mommy....hmmm..... Rosanna

shaunjoy said...

No help here...I'm a self-professed morning person and even I get irritated when I hear those first peeps coming from her room.

kym said...

I have 7 kids...and I used to tell people we homeschooled because I couldn't get up in time to make the bus! Now they are older (mostly-4 to 19)and today the littlest ones got up when I was getting the big ones up to get to school (now they go to school, because they can get on the bus themselves!)I was a complete mess. I couldn't go back to sleep, didn't sleep well and was NOT NICE!
So, when you get the answer, I will gladly join the club! I found your blog looking at the rugs you made out of denim. I do know, though, that God listens to us any time and all times...and that Bible reading in the bathroom works...if you don't mind listening to them pounding on the door!