Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Bunny Loves You

Remember how my sister-in-law Les is soooooooo good at gift-giving? Heh heh. Heh. I'm talking about her famous white-elephant gifts. The girl has a knack for finding "eye-catching" items at resale shops and the nerve to gift them to friends and family. Off the top of my head, I remember a stuffed owl, some kid's T-ball trophy and a glass vase with red and green tissue paper squares glued to it.
The lovely Ms. Rabbit was her gift to Janice this past Christmas. Dressed in her finest.

When Leslie's birthday came around earlier this month, Jan and I hatched a plan.
It started out with a sweet stack of home-baked goodness--strawberry cake on the bottom and carrot cake on the top, and I began to play Ace of Cakes, right in my own kitchen.

Serated knife, hot glue gun, yellow sock, red bias tape, pillow stuffing, florist wire...just mere tools of the trade. A little buttercream and a few hours later, Ms. Bunny looked like a million bucks.
Ready for a stroll down Cottontail Lane as this year's Carrot Trail Maid, she clutched a single carrot in her delicate paw.
Ms. Bunny wore a smashing frock of yellow, purple and red, festooned with miniature carrot accents. What a feast for the eyes!

What's that? Did Abby say "beautiful"? With ears like that, it's hard to miss any compliment.


shaunjoy said...

Ms. Rabbit's second dress is much lovelier than the first. Great job, Joyce!

sherri said...

I'm sure Abby is not going to want to give up that cute little will probably become a favorite sleeping she can't sleep one night without...right Joyce?

Joyce, what a work of art! And what a devious little woman you are. :) Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Excellent story. . . .now to think of Ch 2 :) Jan

heather said...

That is great. You totally amaze me with your baking/decorating skills. You should open a bakery when the kids are all in school. :)

Wynette said...

I want to know how you served and ate that bunny cake! You did a great job with it!

Anonymous said...

Joyce, What fun you must have had! Cute cake and fun surprise for Leslie. I'm sure she enjoyed the bunny cake immensely. Love, Mom

Les said...

Yes, the bunny cake was great!! I felt the love! You forgot to mention that the day you worked on the cake you didn't feel good.

Your house looks impressively put together in the background! :)

Jan ~ Ch 2 would be mine!! hehehe

Thanks so much, Joyce! And thanks for joining in on the mischief ~ makes it much more fun! :)