Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Owen and I were chatting about heaven.

"After supper, can we go to heaven?"

"No buddy, we don't know when we are going."

"Can we fly to heaven?"

"We can't fly there."

"Can we drive to heaven?"

"We can't drive there either. Hey, you know what? Heaven's going to be awesome! It is beautiful there. And no one will be naughty, and there won't be any time-outs or spankings!"

"Can we go potty in heaven?"

"I don't know."

"Because it's a dirty bathroom?"

Leave it to my son to be so obsessed over public restrooms and their lack of cleanliness, he's already thinking of heaven's options.


Anonymous said...

That's cute. Thanks for the sharing one of life's precious moments. :)Rosanna

Anonymous said...

:D. Today Blake asked me how Brent's grandma Yoder could sleep in heaven b\c there is only one bed there (don't know where that came from) :) Jan

heather said...

So where did he get his obsession of clean bathrooms, public restrooms, etc.?? Joycie??????? Do you have issues with public restrooms?

Cottonista said...

Heather, I do not know what the deal is, but he likes to use the bathroom everywhere we go, especially at Wal-Mart! Jason will take him, and he'll manufacture a little bit of pee for each pitstop. I think he learned about dirty/clean restrooms from his daddy.

sherri said...

Love this post, Joyce! Isn't it fun to hear what's going on in those little brains?