Monday, March 9, 2009

Latest Project Completed

In my drawer that contains my address book, my 3-ring binder/household organizer that doesn't get out much and other notebooks and folders, there lies a great, big, long list of sewing projects that I want to complete. Some I started eons ago, and some I haven't even begun. I had been looking forward to doing this one for a long time, and I finally snatched up a few hours the other day that were begging for a fun project.

Look! It's's a......floating pillow of pass-along fabric from Heather??

That actually is a reusable shopping bag with a self-containing pocket! The fold-me-up-into-my-own-pocket feature is nice if you're only going to the store for a few items. It's silly for a cart-load of food, since it leaves me standing there, smiling artificially at the confused clerk, desperately struggling to whip out my handy-dandy homemade reusable shopping bag. Yep, makes for some odd looks. But I'm really happy with its carrying ability. The amount it holds safely is quite impressive. And it doubles as a nice diaper bag while the other one is getting washed.


Anonymous said...

wish I could have been behind you when you whipped out your one bag for a cart load of groceries :). . . its cute :). Jan

sherri said...

i love it! can i have it? :)

heather said...

It is very cute Joyce. You amaze me every single time when you sew!!!

Jenn said...

Very really should open an etsy store with all the goodies you can make. I'd be a buyer. Let me know if it happens. :)

Anonymous said...

A fantastic idea! Here everyone uses reusable bags for shopping. Of course most of them shop every day and don't "stock up" like we do. So, everytime we go through the line it's 4 big bags as opposed to their 1 little one. But I LOVE the idea of making my own cool looking shopping bags sometime. They'd have to be about 3 times the size of yours, though. Better idea! You add to your sewing list making us bags and send 'em over! :)

I saw today about the shootings in your half of the state. Wow! It's a crazy world.

Kristin B.