Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Bathrooms Should Not be Carpeted

I just stepped in pee with my bare feet. In his rush to do his big business, a little boy neglected the proper positioning of some anatomy. Enough said.

My family had a late Christmas celebration in Indiana. Here's what I made for all my nephews that were present:

Three pairs of matching pajamas. It was a good thing I had until Valentine's Day to finish them! I was pleased with how they turned out. I re-used buttons from old shirts, since I hate most of the buttons on cards.


Grandma Ruby said...

I remember when we jerked out orange shag carpeting (circa 1979) in our bathroom at Westlake for much the same reason. Carpet does feel nice underfoot on a cold winter morning, as long as the potty users sit instead of standing. (Little boys do better standing!)

heather said...

Wanna be my sister?? I could use some of those cute jammies for my boys. :)

Sabrina said...

Ah, wet floors!! That happens to us a lot too. One day it went across the room and hit the wall.

les said...

nothing like standing in a pool of pee to cause the one standing to follow up with sparkling clean feet. :)

Anonymous said...

cute pj's!!! Jan

sherri said...

I agree. I've cleaned up enough of those puddles to ban carpet from any of my future bathrooms. :)

I love the pj's you made!