Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pasta Night!

Several weeks ago, I braved the inevitable mess, and brought out the pasta machine. I had written "fresh pasta" on the menu, and I wasn't in the mood to back down from my inked commitment. Since I'm a messy pasta maker and drop a lot of it, the first step is cleaning the kitchen floor. I swept it thoroughly.

I managed to sneak the mixing of the dough past the boys, but Helen caught me right away and dragged a chair squeaky-screechy across the floor to help. Flour, salt and eggs. Maybe a little EVOO? Can't remember.

By the time I was ready to roll out the first quarter of the dough, Owen was keenly aware of what was happening. He and Helen were to swap roller duties off and on, but to Owen's great delight, Helen lost interest after her first turn.

It really is tricky to make noodles by yourself anyway, so I embraced the mess. We whooped and made up silly songs. All three kids ate as much pasta as they could get their fingers on. It was an extremely happy occasion in the life of a young child.
The finished product is always satisfying to behold. The kids agree.

Jack was content on the floor with some heavy duty equipment.

And everyone helped clean up! I may have turned on a TV program so I could finish properly, but who knows, it's such a fuzzy memory.

Lots of fun, but I probably won't do it again for a little while!


Carrie said...

Chester. That looks like an awfully lot of work for those pretty spaghetti strings. I might admire you for it, but it might make me tired to even think about it, and you all preggo on top of it. You win Mommy of the Year. Your chillin's would certainly agree.

You may have a nice box of ready made pasta coming your way, so as to celebrate such Mommy greatness. It's the neatest thing!! They sell it in Walmart!!!

maren said...

You definitely have more courage than I do, but it sure does look fun!

maren said...

Good pics, too! BTW.

heather said...

That looks like so much fun. I've never done it! How very very energetic of you to create that memory for your kids. :)

sherri said...

I have great memories of making pasta at my grandmas house as a child. Definitely worth the mess! :)

Grandma Ruby said...

Joyce, this is one gift that skipped a generation. Both Grandmas would be so proud. I must say you have Mama's admiration. My mouth is watering for fresh noodles!

Melissa said...

somehow i totally missed this post the first time 'round .... or i just forgot about it. so i see that you use a pasta roller! good. i thought i was being the biggest wimp ever to want one, but rolling them out by hand is ridiculous!