Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And now for some successful sewing

Oooookay. After that last post, I think I need to remind myself of projects that have turned out better. After winning an apron I made for a Dirty Santa exchange,

a friend of mine hired me to make a similar one for her daughter. The pleasure was all mine! I think her fabric choice was really cute.

Another friend asked me to sew something sweet for her little darling out of fabric swatches that were sentimental to her. I came up with this cute lovey for the Little Miss. Her mama was happy with it, and so was I.

And what would I do without my helper? She loves to watch me make stuff. Someday in the future I'll be watching her try her hand at the sewing machine. I hope she loves it as much as I do.


Anonymous said...

You do a great job at sewing and coming up with creative ways to express your talent! I'm glad you posted some things that you feel good about, since it is what comes to my mind when I think of your sewing. :) As for the poor rug, at least you can take solace in the fact that a pretty rug is not being trampled on in the garage. :) Actually, I didn't think it was that terrible. Not your best, but not terrible. :) And oh, I DO LOVE EC's lovey and I get warm fuzzies every time I see it. :) Thanks a bunch! Rosanna

Janice said...

That lovey is really cute. . .and I really like the aprons :)

Krissy said...

Hi, I found a link to your blog from allfreecrafts.com, and thought, "hey, she looks really cool & does crafty things!"

so I added you to my blog roll. I'm Krissy. I'm a first time mom who likes to do crafty things. :D

heather said...

Joyce...you are so so so crafty. Your Grandma Lydia would be so proud to see all those sewing projects. And Grandma Ida...I'm sure is very proud to. I love how you create! I get inspired...but then I remember my skills are not as advanced. YOU ARE SO AWESOME.

Loved getting to know Helen better. She is a gem!

Teena said...

I really like the colours you chose for the bag and how you put them together, it works very well :)