Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Seasonal First

I just finished unclogging my camera yesterday; fortunately, it wasn't anything similar to unclogging the kitchen drain, which we also did yesterday. Wow. I still want to scrub the inside of my nose out with a Brillo pad. When the garbage disposal makes the stuff you put down the previous day bubble up into the other sink, you know it's time to get the ol' snake out. Thank goodness for a husband who was sympathetic enough to stop work for an hour and come to my immediate rescue! But all that was an aside, and hopefully not a seasonal first.

Several weeks ago the kids enjoyed the first ice cream cone of the year. They didn't care that it was a cheap-o box of Joy cups and not-so-premium (but totally free) bucket ice cream. They licked and chomped their way through, then of course, begged for more. That's when this Momma was grateful for the "You've had your limit!" phrase. Ice cream tastes so much better when you're surrounded by friends!
And do you think Jack loved his very first ice cream cone ever (in my memory)?


heather said...

Love that first cone of the year! You mean you didn't get one and that's why Jack had one in your memory? Why won't you let your little pregnant self have a cone? That seems harsh to the little one in the oven. :)

Grandma Ruby said...

Joy cups are sheer joy, aren't they? Love the photos of the cute kiddies & kones. And when they're outside you can just let it all drip.