Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Local Meal

While I was slaving in the kitchen last night, figuring out how to cut up a chicken from Green Acres Farm that Jason himself helped to harvest and therefore got free (please excuse the chicken butt view),

scrubbing my new red potatoes from the garden, mincing the fresh rosemary that Helen picked from the herb bed,
slicing and seeding jalapeno peppers from my mother in law's garden with my hand in a baggie, measuring out a decadent concoction of cream cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon, whirring a stale crust of homemade bread in the food processor,
nuking freezer corn from last year's crop in the microwave (which we seasoned with leftover pepper popper stuffing), and making sweet tea, the kids kept themselves busy impersonating me.
Can you guess what they are doing?
They also argued, cried, jumped up and down, shouted excitedly, expressed their approval over the upcoming sweet tea, laughed, crawled around, grabbed my feet and ankles, pushed each other a little bit, endured verbal chastisement and a time out, turned down their lower lips, got over it, and asked what we were doing tomorrow a thousand times, not necessarily in that order.
The potatoes were crunchy. The corn was yummy, of course. The chicken was lovely, but the kids balked at having to eat it off the bone. Must be taking after their daddy. The jalapeno appetizer became an after-tizer, because I started it way too late.

And because I was still recovering from all that crazy work, tonight we ate leftover chili from the freezer, along with more stale bread, toasted and spread with jam to cover it up. (No, I couldn't even lift my finger to make corn bread.)

Thanks, Deb, for the local food idea!


Deb said...

Wow! I'm impressed. Note: all I manage to crank out is a salad for my local meal! Looks yummy!

Allen Skipper said...

Your babies are adorable!

sherri said...

What an amazing meal you made, Joyce...and for free!! Thanks for the recipes! I planted some j peppers in my garden just so I could make some of those yummy poppers myself...can't wait! =)

krista said...

Someone said something the other day to remind me of pepper poppers and it sounded so yummy! So funny that you made them. I made my own little concoction out of stale bread today...miss you...I was thinking that we need to talk again.

Grandma Ruby said...

Remember "chicken on the bone"? That's what your big brother used to call it. What a busy mommy you are! Good food and a pretty violet window. Wish I could come help you with the babies while you're whirling around your kitchen.

heather said...

WOW!! Joyce the meal looks great!!!