Thursday, June 11, 2009

Carrot Top

Helen has been asking for a T-shirt with an "H" on the back. I have no idea why. I found a plain shirt on clearance for $1, and put my freezer paper to work.
It was a little sad and empty on the front, so I added the first thing that came to my mind--a carrot, of course! I didn't have any green paint, so I added a green bow for the leaves.
Miss Helen then requested a big orange root vegetable all to herself.


sherri said...

The first thing I noticed was how LONG Helen's hair is getting! So the piggy tails in the other post too.

Cute're an amazing mom!!

Grandma Ruby said...

Helen, aren't you a sweet little maid in your new carrot tee with the H on back? Now you won't want to wear anything else!