Friday, May 29, 2009

Farm Life

It's been very rainy lately, and so farmwork is stacking up because the fields are extremely muddy. But as soon as something dries up, it's time to plant! (NEW--and now they're combining wheat!!)

Owen feels quite at home in the driver's seat. Jason has learned to pull the keys.
Owen knows where everything is and what everything does. That basically means he is way ahead of me, since I couldn't drive a tractor to save my life.
Jack is just waiting for the day he'll be big enough to ride. His mom is waiting for that day too!
But Helen is content to not ride. We had to force her recently, just to log some Daddy time. She chilled out and enjoyed it then, because she loves her Daddy!

Here she stayed behind and grazed on our tailgate supper. I startled her when I returned to the truck and asked her what she was doing, and after she landed, she quickly explained, "Food is all gone, in my belly!"


heather said...

Man...I bet Owen does love that big ol' tractor! How fun to get to ride with daddy.

sherri said...

Your kids will have great memories of those picnic suppers in the field with daddy. I remember going on one when we were there one time too.

Good to talk to you over the weekend! =)

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the outcome of your plantings! We ate the potatoes tonight and Melanie had hers yesterday! They were yummy and we all thank you a bunch..It was great to see you all (and Helen was a good rep for daddy since they have the same face). You look wonderful and it was too too long to wait to see you. Thanks for giving us all that time. It wasn't easy with all 3 children, but Helen's and Owen's faces looking at the escalator were priceless...

Cottonista said...

Joanne, we had such a great time with you all! The kids were so pumped about seeing Ms. Joanne and Ms. Melanie and eating lunch at MCDONALD'S!!!! (I still can't get over how much they ate.) Thanks for helping out with Jack, AKA The "Charmer," while he was fussy and hungry. And Owen is not going to forget that "excavator" ride; we'll think of you every time we use one!

Grandma Ruby said...

Oh, Helen! Farm girl and grazer, you make me smile. Three little farmhands keep Mama busy now, but one day they will begin to reward both Mom & Dad with working contributions to the family farm!