Thursday, May 14, 2009

My feet will come out

Like I need another unfinished project around here, but I just couldn't help myself from starting this one several weeks ago.
Can you tell what it is? Squares of denim cut from cast-off clothing, pieced together to form a new object...a twin-sized blanket for Owen.

Background: Owen's Fuzzy Blue Blanket seems to be shrinking as he is growing. It's a beloved blanket that a co-worker of mine made for him when he was just born. But, as I said, it's getting too small for his turning about in the bed. He needs a much larger, heavier blanket that will prevent him from popping out of bed after he is tucked in. We are having far too many of these events:

Door slowly creaks open, shy little feet shuffle down the hall toward the living room. Squinting, blinking pajama-clad boy smiles sheepishly:

Owen: I needa go potty.
Parents: OK. Go. Then get back in bed.

Light and fan flick on from hall bathroom. Sounds of pathetically small amount of forced elimination. Lights off. Repeat foot shuffle, faster and friendlier:

O: Hey Mommy! Hey Daddy! What are you doing?
P: OWEN, go back to bed.
O: scuttling away Hey, do you wanna put my blanket on?
P: No, we've already done that twice tonight. You'll have to handle that yourself, buddy.
O: But my FEET will come out!

I think this is one project that I'm going to have to finish soon.


heather said...

Hey we hear that routine every night too from William. Well every night that he has a nap during the day.

Can't wait to see the finished product!!! How do you get it all done???

sherri said...

Sounds very familiar here too! Kaiya's latest excuse..."I have a dirty throat".