Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Spy

Where did I put that baby? I know he's around here somewhere!!

Find some corn.

Find a Chatter Telephone.

An old orange velvet pillow that was left behind in our basement.

A train engine.

Four farm animals.

And a little boy in Toy Heaven, thanks to his older sister.What a goofball she is right now! We call her Trixie when her hair is in pigtails.

Slightly daring, too. Mmmm-mmm, what's a momma to do?


shaunjoy said...

Fun game! I think I also spy a book of Christian nursery I right? Seems like I remember those from when I was a kid!

Cottonista said...

Do you perhaps mean the one Jack is digesting right now? Yes, I had that one as a kid, and they must still be in print, because my mom gave them to the kids in their Easter baskets! I remembered all of the pictures, but none of the made-over rhymes.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find the train engine, but probably because Grandmas lose their vision at some time or other. We can't see dust very well either. But I didn't miss the little boy! Cute little fellow and fun big sister Helen. What's the spot on her cheek? I didn't miss that. Grandma Ruby

Cottonista said...

Mom, Helen is back to picking her face. She inflicts her own wounds and then keeps them in a stable condition. She leaves them alone until they are about to heal, and then picks them open again. Look out for the acne-ridden teenage years!

krista said...

I so have that nursery rhyme book, too! I found it in an old box at my Mom's, so I brought it with us and read it to Karis. She usually quotes those now instead of the original ones!

Kristin B. said...

I love Helen's hair. A year ago Easter she looked like Malia does now. I can't wait for the hair.

Owen's new blanket looks nice and comfy. Kai is quickly outgrowing his favorite blanket, too.


heather said...

Oh Joyce you totally crack me up how you relayed the story about Helen inflicting pain upon herself and keeping them in stable condition. Isabella did that too...and ended up with infintigo several times. There would always be spots on her face- pick until they get infected. Then repeat as soon as it would finally heal up. We would get so tired of it.

Great shot of Jack. Man that guy is cute.

Jenn said...

Great post! Love the pic of Jack!