Thursday, June 26, 2008

we're still here

ten hours and one epidural later we are still watching tv. having delivered two kids without any pain meds, joyce decided she had proved her womanhood and is feeling very little south of the equator. "i am having contractions but i really can't feel them." God bless medication. she says it feels like the dreams when your legs don't work and you just can't outrun the bear. the catheter probably wouldn't help much with the outrunning bears part either. we might have a baby by midnight--which means i can wait until 4:00am to call curt. some of you will get that.



Anonymous said...

OOhohh man!!! I'm so sorry this is dragging out so long!! Yea for modern meds. . maybe you can get a little nap in before the "fun" starts. I'll think about you when I make my 3 trips to the bathroom during the night :). Jan

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Just checking in before I go to bed. Sorry I'm going to sleep when you still have a little bit of work to do. Hoping and praying this will all be over soon for you and you can hold your precious little one while all the agony and waiting slides into the recesses of your memory. :)Blessings to you both, Rosanna

Aunt Leslie said...

aahh, still no baby . . . well, never mind since you just called with the news. I won't blab it here though! It looks like you may actually get a little sleep tonight after all . . . if you can stop staring at your new babe. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Give my nephew a kiss for his Aunt Leslie for me!! :0)

Carrie said...

I understand from the last comment that there is a baby, but no picture on my computer screen. Mean stare. oh yes - and CONGRATULATIONS!!

p.s. aren't epidural's awesome?