Friday, June 13, 2008

Sewing for Baby

I loved the baby blanket I made for my nephew Lincoln so much, I had to recreate it for our coming little one. What you don't see is the initial I embroidered in a corner. heh heh.

I ordered an Amy Butler nappy bag pattern on E-bay, and wanted to get some great Amy Butler fabric to use for it. But my budget didn't allow that, so I used the same fabric for the bag's exterior that I had found for the nursery curtain (which my mother in law just finished today.) Giraffe and a half!

I looked in my sewing remnants and found the lovable cowboy fabric I used to make another nephew some pajamas. I didn't have enough, so I used pieces from two old shirts (leaving the pocket and buttons on one.) I still didn't have enough fabric, but then Helen found the flame fabric for me. She opened a cupboard door and said, "OWEN!" Of course, she was thinking of the fire jammies. What a brilliant little girl.

I made the changing pad and case that came with the pattern.

And months earlier I had hemmed some burp rags with the same fabric, not realizing at the time how it was all going to come together.
Imagine my surprise when after all my scrap-sewing and use of discounted decorator fabric, I saw nothing less than skadoodles of GIRAFFE-print bags hanging in the window of Country Charms here in Atmore, similar to this. Earlier that day I had seen a lady toting one at an out-of-town store. Somebody had gotten a sneek-peak of my mind.

Now, any orders for fire jammies or flame western shirts?


Sherri said...

Oh Joyce, you are so creative. I love it! And the cowboy material you used...I just packed Caedmon's jammies away and was so sad...they were my favorite.

You've given me some great ideas and now I need to get busy on some projects for #3.

Anonymous said...

I'll pass on the flaming jammies. . but after June 23 (when hopefully the baby will cooperate and gender will be discovered) I'll be happy to place an order for a dipaer bag. :). Jan

Kevvo said...

Why don't you make Big J some flaming underwear? On second thought, that really creates a bad image in my mind.

And I predict the initials on the blanket are....
ALW...Andrew Lloyd Weber


LAW...Lloyd Andrew Weber

Wynette said...

Love it...can''t wait to meet the new little weber

Kris said...

You're such a hip and happenin' momma. :)

Jenn said...

love the you take orders? Giraffe print is my fav!!!

heather said...

You are totally amazing Joyce. I love when you post what you've been making.

So your having a boy....right?? :)

Lynette said...

Cute stuff -- as for the hidden initial, you need to go ahead, have the child, and reveal the name. That way I won't get my hopes set on a name you're going to use first anyway. :)