Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Growing Up

After a long, frustrating, continually-redirecting-someone's-attention span of time this morning, a boy got dressed. All by himself. From taking off pajamas and old pull-up, to donning new pull-up, shorts and muscle shirt.Never mind the funny bunch of backward pull-up, the crooked shorts and the backward shirt, this mama is so proud!!
Here he is doing what he does best. Sampling chocolate. In this case, we could also call it eating his supper. There was nothing nutritious consumed by this little man that night except some serious antioxidants.
And little sister is getting crazier. She became fascinated with the ice cream freezer bucket after we made homemade ice cream on Saturday night. She tried wearing it on her feet. She hauled it downstairs, back up and then outside. She tucked her crocs safely under her other arm, picked up the bucket with her pudgy fingers and trotted down the hall. What a child.


Sherri said...

Proud of you my little man Owen! Loved all the pictures of the kids, Joyce.

heather said...

What sweet kids you have. Boy, Doesn't it feel great when the oldest takes some steps of independence....like get themselves dressed. It helps so much for a mama, who is busy with another little one. The other day Isabella got Suzy dressed for me. WOW! Now that is the cake. Just think what you have to look forward to.

Loved the pictures of the kids. The stories are the greatest. You sure have a way with words.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Owen!! Maybe he can pass some interest to his cousin. . who could care less about getting himself dressed right now :). Cute pics of the kids. . and Helen looked cute in her little skirt yesterday :). Jan

krista said...

Great to see those little faces again. Lyndon showed Karis pics of our trip yesterday and he said,"Who is that?" She said, "Owen!" And she said Helen for the next pic, too! She loved playing with them. Can't wait to meet the next one...soon!