Thursday, May 1, 2008

Freak out!

Suddenly I realize that baby #3 will be here before we know it. And I'm not ready.

Helen and all the contents of her room need to be moved over to Owen's room, so the baby can have the nursery. We have a second crib, dismantled in the basement, that must be set up in Owen's room for a few days/weeks before the move, in order to ease her transition. As far as the decor goes, I found a red crib sheet at the Economy Shop, which is the color I need to effectively pull off the boy/girl room sharing for red twin sheets so I can get rid of the ratty Pooh set that I HATE.

Besides the color scheme dilemma, there is the tiny little logistical problem of her clothing storage. Boy clothes are simple: several colors of T-shirts, both short sleeve and long sleeve; shorts; jeans; socks; a few pairs of shoes; fire jammies; Elmo underwear. Girl clothes: ALL colors of short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts, tanks, skirts, jeans, pants, sweats, capris, shorts, sweaters, and badoodles of dresses with coordinating diaper covers. Pajamas and nightgowns. Socks and tights. Dozens of shoes spilling out of the closet--white sandals, black sandals, brown sandals, sturdy play sandals, prissy dress sandals, play sneakers, nice sneakers, princess shoes, slippers. And we've got 5 dresser drawers and 2 hanging organizers with which to work.

Baby boy's clothes, blankets and burp rags are in good order, but need to be tucked away into the changing table/dresser currently occupied by Helen's wardrobe.

I could go on and on.

But then, my personality is suited to working well under pressure. When else should you study for exams but late-late the night before? Of course not for an hour or two each night the week preceding! How boring. Why plan all the meals for the week in one sitting? Torture! And plans change anyway. You never know when you'll need a trip to McDonald's.

Fortunately for us, Helen already loves Owen's room, and will trot off to his bed on her own accord, whether it be for snuggling on the pillow at naptime or for assuming the diaper changing position. I'm just not sure how the take-over will fly with her sometimes-territorial brother.


Anonymous said...

So if you work better under pressure, why are you freaking out so early? You have almost 2 months until d-day! :) Just kidding. I remember the questions of how and where, and will it work that go along with organizing for another little person. Give me 6 months and I will be going through the same thing! Rosanna

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what she said :). I was thinking that will be me about. . oh, late October :). Jan

Lynette said...

Ditto me on the room sharing thing. HMMM. . . The trick is, wait until you're far enough along that your husband HAS to help you in order to keep his conscience clear. After all, it takes a real man to watch a 9-month-pregnant woman push around furniture. :) (j/k -- if that happened at our house, it would be my fault for being impatient, not his. . .)