Saturday, May 10, 2008


Made these pumpkin-apple muffins recently. So good, I had to make them again. The kids and I enjoyed delivering one batch to Sav-A-Life volunteers and one to neighbors.Muffin picking lichen off the climbing tree.
Muffins enjoying a perfect spring evening.
Muffins traveling to a strawberry party, bearing strawberry cupcakes, or pupcakes like Helen said.
And show-off muffin.


Kris said...

You've got some pretty good looking muffins! I was surprised that there wasn't a picture of you Stud Muffin though. :)

Sherri said...

The muffins look delish, Joyce! How about posting the recipe? Loved seeing all the pictures of the kiddos!

ShaunJoy said...

Love the 'show-off' muffin. :) She's getting so big! Doesn't look like a babycakes anymore.

Anonymous said...

Where is a pic of that 3rd muffin you are carrying around ? :) Jan

Anonymous said...

I want muffins!!! S'okay, I found your blog again on the laptop Cindy, boss, bought me...I am relegated to the first floor, where I have a walker, hospital bed, and old-lady commode. Surgery went well and I am now 16 days post-op and can walk with a walker up the road...(small things)...But i missed my Atmore connection, so I am back!!!! Joanne