Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scorched Oak

It's not a secret. My kitchen table isn't really "me," and it never has been. We got a great deal on it when a friend replaced her dining set. We were very glad to get rid of the flimsy glit-wood table and chairs we had been borrowing since we got married. The chairs had suffered long enough, and we had to reinforce at least one when it umm, flew off the back of Jason's truck while we were moving from our first house to our second. They were the type of chairs that create quick moves to the living room after a meal is finished, not lending themselves to lingering over courses. Of course, this would take the form of polite suggestion to our company, "There's no reason we can't move to the living room and be a little more comfortable!" or "Wouldn't you love to see our plaid couch?"

Back to the oak set with the press-back chairs. We decided to snatch up the bargain, since our dream table was still only a dream. And, we thought, while we have a house full of young children, we wanted a table that could take a beating without us cringing.

Last night, the table took a beating, or a scorching rather. I was in too big of a hurry to grab a potholder, and so I threw down the rather damp towel I had been using to wipe my hands. When I cleared the pizza stone from the table, I found this:
I should have thought of it. When my oven mitt is wet, heat from the oven goes right through it and my fingers get toasted.

So what do I do? Ignore? Add more scorch marks? Refinish? Paint? If paint, what color? It's an oak pedestal table with one extra leaf. The sides of the table have that oak leaf/acorn carving detail that serves as the perfect receptacle for all the smeary grime from little hands. And by the way, I have tried to care about this table. I even make Owen use a placemat when he plays with playdough!

On a happier note, my clematis is doing better this year than last:


Sherri said...

As I recall a few years ago, you were on a black painting spree...have any black paint left?

The Clematis is gorgeous! Hope mine looks like that this year too...any gardening tips you want to share? =)

Gene said...

That original "glit" table - that was a great table!!! That was my table too! Don't dis it!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey. . what is wrong with a glit table. .be careful or my table may take offense :). Your clematis is beautiful!! Jan

Cottonista said...

Sherri, I was thinking black! Or maybe an artsy looking turquoise, or a great red. But black would be safe.

Gene, that table served a lot of good food to a lot of good people. But as I recall, you did NOT want it back! Not even to save for your kids' future.

Jan, please pass on my apologies to your table.

Anonymous said...

Try mircale whip type salad dressing from your frig. smear it on the mark and allow it to sit an hour or more. It works for water marks.
Use varnish remover on the damaged part and then recoat it with a clear water resistant finish. There might be a heat resistant finish on the market.

Kris said...

Me? I would leave it. A - because you wouldn't have to worry about treating it nicely any more and B - to motivate you to eventually find a table that you like.

krista said...

Oh Joyce, the plaid couch comment just gave me a good morning laugh. Really, when is the book coming out?

Anonymous said...

Your dad would say you should not paint an oak table, Joyce! Try that mayo trick someone suggested. You have a water mark, and not permanent damage. And I do love your clematis--come help mine. Love, Mom

ShaunJoy said...

Don't refinish it if you don't like it already! True...hate to paint over oak...but think of the possibilities! Ooo, maybe some chalkboard paint so you could label all the fabulous dishes you're serving and the kids could use it in between meals!

heather said...

I agree with about black paint???

Then again the chalk paint would be alot more fun. :)

Cottonista said...

Tried the mayo trick with no luck, because unfortunately, the finish is a little melted.

"You shouldn't paint oak!" Mom, this is not quality wood. And if the barn needs paintin'....

I agree with Joy--why refinish it if I hate it.

Still working on Jason for the go ahead to paint. Still deciding on the color.