Sunday, April 13, 2008


Baby--29 1/2 weeks

Kicking and moving all the time, especially when I'm trying to rest.

Has found that wonderfully cozy spot behind my ribs to lodge his little feet.

Helen--17 months

Starting to say two words together. Said "Oh-ee's juice!" and pointed to Owen's cup.

After working for a few weeks on her second-year molars, is back to her smiley self again.

Learned how to pick her nose, following excellent lessons from her big brother.

Refused to get dressed last Sunday until Jason said her dress was pretty.

Got her toenails painted for the first time last week.


Learning to ride his trike. Would have it mastered on the straight runs, but loses momentum when he turns around to watch the wonky wheel on the back left.

Likes plain apple cider vinegar. We administered it to him by the dropperful as "Fussing Medicine," to put an end to whining. He brought me the bottle later, grinning and saying he wanted Fussing Medicine.

We're trying to work with his ma'ams and sirs. We were practicing at bedtime. I asked, Are you going to bed? He responded first Yes, ma'am. Then after a short think--NO! I asked, Do you want to wear your fire jammies? To which he replied, No ma'am!

Loves my new washer and dryer—a surprise from Jason. Laundry was the last thing on Owen's mind before falling asleep on Saturday night and the first thing out of his mouth Sunday morning. Mommy, need to start the dryer! Last week he sat on the floor with his popcorn snack, watching the washer and pointing out his fire jammies whirling inside.


Sherri said...

Loved reading the updates of your three kiddos. Wow, you are the mother of three now and soon life will be different.

Looking forward to little W's arrival!

Love the new washer & dryer...lucky you! The popcorn story of Owen is too funny. :)

Anonymous said...

That was a good update for me, since I needed one. I am working at getting that same washer/dryer, but Arnie needs more prompting than Jason, apparently. I am having that hip surgery April 28th, so expect a visit in the summer after I recover.
Give Owen and Helen kisses!

joy said...

I love southern kids' manners! I think Gene & Judy's kids were the first I ever met that said 'yes ma'am.' I grew up in a yep/nope culture. Thanks for the inspiration, y'all!

kristinbucher said...

Thanks for the update. Those fire jammies are classic!
Nice washer and dryer!! Way to go, Jason.

Kris said...

I'm quite jealous of your washer and dryer!!! Your kids are pretty cute too. :)

Anonymous said...

Just think what it would be like to get such a wow laundry set when you're a little kid. Surely beats watching TV! How cute and sweet! I remember when my mom had a dryer that played a little song, "How dry I am" when the clothes were dry. I wanted to watch the little piano inside, but couldn't because of the cover plate. Love, Mom

krista said...

What a great post. I love hearing what the kids are up to. We are planning to come see you soon! I'll email with some details...

Sabrina said...

I love pictures of kids sleeping in their high chairs. Did the fussing medicine work? We could use some of that at our house!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics! Owen looks like he is sitting on his potty to watch the washer :). Jan