Tuesday, April 19, 2011

300th Post!!

Blogger Dashboard tells me this is a monumental post, so I'm sharing some recent kid-quotes to help me celebrate.


"Mom, I told the tea not to hop out." (He had been exploring the fridge and its contents.)

After passing gas, "My buns popped!"

"I don't like mouse's tracks." (After getting his hand caught in a mouse trap.)

"My shie's untooed!!" (A double knot doesn't always keep that shoe lace neat.)

Favorite song: "The House is a Rocket," or "Cows in a Rocket," by Stevie Ray Vaughn. ("The House is Rockin'")

Favorite music artist: Blinkin' Rooster (Lincoln Brewster)

Favorite Bible story: Peter and the Rooster


On her Sunday School lesson: "God told...uh....somebody...to bang on a rock with his cricket, and he did, and water fell out of it, and there was enough water for everybody."

parcort = carport

Princesscola = Pensacola

spoom = spoon

At night: "I hear a mower." Daddy--"A MOWER?!" Helen--"I'm making a mower sound with my snot!"

"Mommy, when I grow up and get married and have a baby, my baby is gonna not die."

With a true sparkle in her eye: "When I grow up, I am going to marry James, because he is NOT my cousin." (Watch out, Ava!!)

"Mom, I like my dad. And I like my mom."


"Mom, we don't say 'Oh my God.'
We don't say 'Oh my gosh.'
Well, we could name a boy 'Josh,' and then, could we say 'Oh my Josh'?
No. That would sound funny."

After getting into candy that was off-limits and enduring the discipline: Mom--"What were you thinking when you saw the gumdrops?" Owen--"YUMMY!!!!"

"Mom, are you sad about Quinn?" Me--"Yes. Are you?" O--"No! I am happy!" Me--"Why?" O--"Because she is in Heaven!!"

precious kiss = Hershey's Kiss

After a quiz session on Kindergarten content, "Am I catching up to you?"

Hearing the story of Peter's denial of Jesus, "Was the rooster Peter's spanking?"

"You're a nice mom. I like you."


Carrie said...

AHHH!!! They make me LAUGH!!! Been thinking about you a lot lately, friend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I laughed so much! :) I just love those kids well and their parents :)

Brent said...

Love those kiddos!!

Brent said...

Um, that was me. . not Brent. Jan

Grandma Ruby said...

So much fun to read these cute, cute stories, honest spoonerisms & wise sayings from my very special baby grands.

shaunjoy said...

"...bang on a rock with his cricket." Hee! Great job, Joyce, writing down all the awesome stuff that come from your kiddos' mouths.

Jodi said...

I love reading funny kid-isms! Kids like to hear them too...Leah is always saying, "Mom, tell that story again...where I said that really funny thing...about... remember?"

Ashley said...

Thanks for the smile :)

Lynette said...

Yes, we do have dibs on James as the future son-in-in-law, so Ava & Helen may want to find a way to work that out. :)

I hardly ever hear Jack talk, so his are especially fun for me. . .